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Please list each of your bicycles for their current replacement value.

In order for cover to apply, you must follow the security and approved lock requirements for each of your cycles.

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. You have read and accept the Policy Wording, Product Information Document, Terms of Business and Privacy Policy.
  2. All cycles being insured are in full working order and you can provide evidence of ownership.
  3. You have read and agree to the security and approved lock requirements.
  4. The cycles are only accessible to the insured, immediate family and friends at the insured location.
  5. You will exercise all reasonable precautions for the safety of the insured property.
  6. Your primary residence is in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).
  7. You have never had insurance cancelled, declined or refused or any special terms imposed.
  8. You have never been declared bankrupt or, if you have, this has now been discharged.
  9. You have no unspent criminal convictions or police cautions within the last 5 years or have any prosecutions pending.

If you can no longer agree to one or more of these assumptions, either before commencement or during the term of the policy, then you shall notify Eversure Insurance immediately. Failure to notify us of any changes to these assumptions could invalidate your insurance.

I agree that the above assumptions are correct.
Please explain why you are not able to agree to the above declarations

Automatic Renewal

Your policy will automatically renew at the expiry of this policy period, subject to payment being received within 14 days of the renewal date. We will contact you prior to your renewal date with your new price and inform you of any changes. You can stop your automatic renewal at any time by contacting us.

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