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Caravan CRiS number

If you do not have this, please supply it to us within 14 days.

Which year was the caravan manufactured?

Please note, caravans over 5 years old will be based on a market value basis

Caravan value
This includes the structure, fixtures, fittings and integral fitted furniture. For new for old policies please ensure the caravan value specified is the cost of a new equivalent model.
New for old should be based on the cost of replacement with a brand new item of equivalent specification, or the closest available match in the current market.
Market value should be based on the second-hand value of an item taking account of specification, age, depreciation and condition.
Is the caravan currently insured?
Is this caravan a similar size and weight to the previous caravan you earned No Claims Bonus on?
Storage facility or caravan park postcode
Storage facility or caravan park name
Does the Farm have a perimeter fence, wall or hedge with controlled access via one locked gate or barrier for entry and exit?
Have there been any thefts or attempted thefts from the Farm in the last 3 years?
Cover is only provided if the caravan is stored on the driveway at the home address of a close family member (ie parent, sibling, offspring or grand-parent)
If the caravan is stored in a secure storage facility or caravan park, entry to the site must be via a gate or barrier.

Security Requirements

  • When stored at your home address the caravan must be secured by a hitch lock AND either an axle lock or wheel clamp meeting at least the 'Sold Secure Gold' standard of security.
  • If you store the Caravan at a professional storage site, entry/exit must be to authorised persons only. Access to the site must be secured with either a locked gate or barrier with either key, swipe card or key code entry/exit.
  • Whilst being towed the towing vehicle must not be left unattended with the ignition key (or equivalent) left in or around the vehicle.
  • When the caravan is left unattended and detached from the towing vehicle the caravan must be secured by a hitch lock AND either an axle lock or wheel clamp meeting at least the 'Sold Secure Gold' standard of security.
I agree to adhere to the above security requirements
Please explain why these requirements cannot be met and/or any alternative security in place

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Touring Caravan Legal Expenses

Would you like to add Caravan Legal Expenses Cover for £12.00? For policy features please read the Product Information Document.

Legal Expenses
Touring Caravan Key Cover

Would you like to add Caravan Key Cover for £10.00? For policy features please read the Product Information Document.

Key Cover

Your Cover

When would you like your cover to start?
You can select a date up to 30 days ahead

Eligibility Criteria

Are all these statements true?
  • You have read and accepted the Policy Wording, Product Information Document and Terms of Business.
  • You are the owner of the caravan and it will be used for holiday use only.
  • The caravan is registered on the CRIS national database.
  • The caravan has never been declared a total loss.
  • The caravan and contents are in a good state of repair and well maintained.
  • There is no pre-existing damage to the caravan
  • You have never been convicted of, charged with or received a police caution for any offence, other than driving offences.
  • You have never been declared bankrupt or been the subject of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Your primary residence is in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).
  • You have never had caravan insurance cancelled, declined or refused or any special terms imposed.
Caravan Legal Expenses
Caravan Key Cover
If one or more of these statements is not true choose 'False'.
If you can not agree to one or more of these statements, either before commencement or during the term of the policy, then you shall notify Eversure Insurance immediately. Failure to notify us of any changes to these statements could invalidate your insurance.
Please explain why you cannot agree to these statements

Automatic Renewal

Your policy will automatically renew at the expiry of this policy period, subject to payment being received within 14 days of the renewal date. We will contact you prior to your renewal date with your new price and inform you of any changes. You can stop your automatic renewal at any time by contacting us.

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