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Please note: Any public liability arising from your use or ownership of a drone is excluded.

Please note: Any professional indemnity arising from your use or ownership of a drone is excluded.

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In order for it to be covered, any item with an individual value of over £2,000 will need to be listed below. Drones can be covered if they have a value between £250 and £5,000 and must also be listed below.

NB: Mobile phones or tablet computers cannot be covered under this policy.

Are any of the items you are wishing to insure valued over £2,000 or a drone?
Item typeMake and modelSerial numberItem value
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You haven't specified any items, this means that any items greater than £2,000 in value or any drones will not be covered. If you do acquire any items greater than £2,000, or any drones, then please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that they are covered.
Any public liability or professional indemnity arising from your use or ownership of a drone is excluded. The use of drones for any commercial purposes whatsoever cannot be covered under this policy.
Laptops, desktop computers and printers can be covered if they are primarily used in conjunction with such photographic equipment.



Please list details of your previous claims below
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Was any burglary at the proposed Insured Location (where the equipment is usually stored)?
Please specify any remedial action taken following the last burglary
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  1. You have read and accept the Policy Wording, Product Information Document, Terms of Business and Privacy Policy.
  2. All items being insured are in full working order and you can provide Evidence of Ownership.
  3. The equipment is only accessible to the insured, immediate family and friends at the insured location.
  4. You will exercise all reasonable precautions for the safety of the insured property.
  5. Your primary residence is in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).
  6. You have never had insurance cancelled, declined or refused or any special terms imposed.
  7. You have never been declared bankrupt or, if you have, this has now been discharged.
  8. You have no unspent criminal convictions or police cautions within the last 5 years or have any prosecutions pending.
  9. You acknowledge ‘Damage’ is excluded for hazardous sports.

If you can no longer agree to one or more of these assumptions, either before commencement or during the term of the policy, then you shall notify Eversure Insurance immediately. Failure to notify us of any changes to these assumptions could invalidate your insurance.

Are all of the above assumptions correct?
In your own words, please explain which assumption(s) you do not agree with and why.

Automatic Renewal

Your policy will automatically renew at the expiry of this policy period, subject to payment being received within 14 days of the renewal date. We will contact you prior to your renewal date with your new price and inform you of any changes. You can stop your automatic renewal at any time by contacting us.
Automatic Renewal

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Every now and then, we would like to share our latest promotions and products with you. If you would prefer not to receive these updates, please let us know by ticking below (select all that apply). You can change your mind at any time.


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This is set as the policy number for imported policies. For new policies this will default to 30000



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Version History


19/11/2018 James
Update to V3.7:
  • TOBA V4.5
08/11/2018 James
Update to V3.6:
  • Added renewals tab for CS
30/10/2018 James
Update to V3.5:
  • Added mobile phone number field
11/10/2018 James
Update to V3.4:
  • Added 'Association of Photographers' to 'HowDid' menu.
01/10/2018 13:13 James
Update to V3.3:
  • IPID document upload
15/06/2018 12:57 James
Update to V3.2:
  • Updated voucher code section and declarations
07/06/2018 12:57 James
Update to V3.1:
  • Set rate version to 13 for price changes
17/04/2018 16:05 James
Update to V3.0:
  • Made telephone number mandatory, changed spec item questions, changed text and policy declarations as requested by Alex. Added GDPR marketing question.
27/03/2018 09:38 James
Update to V2.9:
  • added additional option to HOWDID
15/03/2018 09:38 James
Update to V2.8:
  • Changed default rate version to 12 for price changes
08/03/2018 11:16 Gareth
Update to V2.7:
  • Added " or from our quote email" to TPS referral code question box
07/03/2018 15:23 Gareth
Update to V2.6:
  • Added CSS class to "evidence of ownership" links to trigger popup.
27/02/2018 11:41 James
Update to V2.5:
  • Corrected PI question hover text.
16/02/2018 16:22 James
Update to V2.4:
  • Added warning message ref drone exclusion to PL and PI questions.
15/02/2018 16:32 James
Update to V2.3:
  • Amended specified item section to remove drone exclusion and change questions to ensure all drones are specified.
27/10/2017 09:21 James
Update to V2.2:
  • Added additional options to HowDid in order to use non-TPS/LCE codes
  • Changed HowDid and OutboundStatus questions to use internal lookup tables instead of dropdown menus
  • Includes fix for specified items value bug - tickets 14638 and 14826
13/10/2017 12:10 Ray
Update to V2.1:
  • Added Cancellation tab and Reason for Cancellation
  • Changed Client.Email to Client.EmailAndPassword - this will force account creation and avoid issue where clients do not have account/password
22/09/2017 09:22 Ray
Update question set to V2 and this will apply to all new policies and renewals
  • Added pro/semipro question
  • Added WW120
  • Decreased PI to £75,000
  • Added "How Did" question and related promo discounts
  • Increased minimum specified items to £2000
  • Changed list of assumptions
  • Removed home security question
  • Changed claims from 5 to 3
  • Added burglary questions if claims > 0